How to Create Products

First click the Creator Dashboard tab

We can now see our Creator Dashboard, click “Products” and then “Add new product”.

A new window is opened, do not click outside of the new window, your details will reset.
Enter your info and upload an image of your product. 
This will show in the store.

Click “Create product” when you are finished.

Now click the “Edit” button to see advanced product settings.

We can now edit our product in more detail. 
If your products are digital content then clicking the “Downloadable” checkbox will allow you to add the content as a downloadable product.

Set the quantity you would like the product to list. If you only want to ever create 1 of these products then set it to 1 quantity. 
If you would like to make only 10 ever of the same product then set the quantity to 10 and never change it.
Remember the value in these tokens comes from you only creating the amount you say you will. 

Once you have double checked and have entered correct info, click “Save Product” at the end of the form.

Make sure your product is active by checking the Store