How to become a Creator

First we need to explain how you can create Suum tokens for your items. We use blockchain technology to create our unique Suum tokens. Your Creator CRW address is used, along with other data, to form a unique hash that makes the Suum tokens you sell one of a kind.

In order to allocate your unique Suum token to it’s new Owner, they need somewhere to keep it.

Our system utilises a Crown (CRW) digital wallet as a place to safely store Suum tokens. Suum tokens are issued to their new Owners via their CRW wallet address, which looks something like this:


Creators also require their own CRW address in order to generate Suum tokens.

This does mean you will need to download a wallet from

Become a Creator HERE

Please enter all the required details, including a correct Suums (CRW) address. 

Once you have successfully registered, you can create new products and run auctions!