How to become an Owner

First we need to explain how we can assure your ownership over items.

We use blockchain technology to create our unique Suum tokens. This means that in order to allocate your Suum token to you, you need somewhere to store your new Suum token.

Our system utilises a Crown (CRW) wallet address to own your Suum tokens, which looks something like this:

This does mean you will need to download a wallet from

We recommend using the Electrum wallet, since you only need a CRW address to create an account with us. Electrum is a light-weight version of the full CrownQT desktop wallet. 

Once you have download a wallet, open it up and create a new CRW address. 

You may also set a password if you want to encrypt the wallet. Please note that it is not possible to reset passwords on the CRW wallet, so take care storing and backing up this information if you choose to do this.

Register an account

By following this LINK you can register your account.

Please enter your new Crown address in the “SUUMS ADDRESS” field, along with all the other necessary information.