Who we are

We’re a group of game and blockchain enthusiasts. We believe the two are a perfect match to take streaming and content creation to the next level. 

What is a Suum?

A Suum is representation of ownership over an item which the “Owner” has purchased from the “Creator”.

Think of Suums as digital collectible items. All Suums are unique, but a Creator can produce more than one of the same Suum if they want to.

Ownership Defined

We use blockchain technology to create unique tokens that are stored forever on a public ledger. The technology we use creates Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Crown Platform, which is our selected blockchain. 

When you buy an item from a Creator, our systems create an NFT for that item. The item has value as long as the creator says it does – this is because credit card and Paypal payments can be charged back, but an NFT cannot be rescinded. 

If an Owner does revoke payment, the creator can delete that item from their list on suums.gg and remake the item via products or auction.

Products and Auctions

As a Creator you can sell an unlimited amount of each product or only 1 for unique items.
Making more than 1 quantity of each item could be considered a batch or set of the same item making them collectable.

Creators can also run auctions for their products making sales a little more interesting.

Why should I use Suums.gg?

We built this platform for online content creators to take real life items and turn them into digital assets to be sold as a product or through an auction.

For Creators, Suums.gg is a place you can sell real life items as digital products to raise money to continue content creation, or for charity.

For Owners, Suums offers a new way for communities to support their favorite content creators and collect a new type of asset.

For example, Ninja (a popular streamer) could run an auction for his famous headband for charity. He could choose to sell only one through an auction, or 100 as a limited edition product.  

The possibilities are only limited to the creators imagination.